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St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church. Character Makes the Difference.
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  The Leadership of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church  


Rev. Dr. Lovely Haynes

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Associate Ministers

Rev. Dr. Carl Washington

Licensed ministers, teachers and evangelists called by God to proclaim and teach His word and support the Pastoral vision of The St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church.

Sons of St. Mark

Rev. Kwame Crosby
Pastor, Sermon on the Mount MBC
Rev. Harold L. Mitchell
Pastor, Greater Emmanuel MBC


Dea. Nathan Battle
Vice-Chairman: Dea. Roy Brown
Meeting Date: Friday before the 1st Sunday
Meeting Time: 7:30 PM

The Deacons Ministry is overseen by the Chairman and Vice-chairman, while other areas of ministry are assigned a personal Deacon to oversee them. This includes (but not limited to): Visiting the sick & shut-in; overseeing the benevolent needs of the congregation; caring for the church's building and grounds; supervising transportation needs of the congregation; assisting in preparing candidates for Baptism; overseeing the security and liaison to the Core Ministries per direction of the Pastor.

Dea. Nathan Battle Dea. Roy Brown Dea. Woodrow Thomas Dea. Robert Smith  
Dea. James Sheffield Dea. Rufus Cobbs Mr. Freddie Lathan Mr. Theodore Johnson Mr. James Frazier


Chairman: Dea. James Frazier
Vice Chairman: Dea. James Sheffield

The purpose of the Trustee Ministry is to create short and long range plans for property care and improvements, to represent and act in the best interest of the membership to assure continuation and protection of the church's assets and make sound judgments with respect to property and financial investments. The trustees handle the financial operations of the church, and the general maintenance and well-being of the church facility.

Dea. James Sheffield

Dea. Nathan Battle Mr. James Frazier    
Church Secretary and Trustee: Ann Woodmore Church Secretary and Trustee: Ann Woodmore Trustee, Cletta Banks Debra Frazier
(photo to come)


President: Mosie Blow

Vice President: Loretha Battle
Meeting Date: Saturday before the 1st Sunday
Meeting Time: 1:00 PM

The mission of the Deaconess Ministry is to meet the needs of the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church members, under the spiritual guidance of its Pastor and the Deacons by promoting the spiritual growth in the church.

The purpose of the Deaconess Ministry is to care for and assist the needs of the overall congregation. Wherever there are sick and shut-in members as well as members in need of prayer, the Deaconess Ministry will be there to help. They will be in contact with all sick members and monitor the prayer list to ensure that members are not alone. They are responsible for the preparation and setting up of Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month. The Deaconess should instruct all female baptismal candidates as to what they are suppose to wear.

1 Timothy 8:11 - "Even so must their wives be grave, not slanders, sober, faithful in all things."

Mosie Blow Loretha Battle Lorene Harper Wanda Dean  
Joyce Matthew  Irma Chamber Pearlie Brown Emma Anderson  
Ann Bernard Ann Woodmore Johnnie Dixon    

Church Secretary

Church Secretary: Ann Woodmore

Ann Woodmore

The church secretary is a very special ministry and important in a church setting. She is on the frontlines, and is one of the first people the public sees and talks to. The person working in this position should be a Christian who is knowledgeable in administrative work and willing to go "above and beyond" the personal investment in a job that is considered "normal" in the secular world of work.

Church Clerks

Ann Bernard

Church Clerk: Ann Bernard
Assistant Church Clerk: Mosie Blow

The Church Clerk maintains accurate membership count and records of its official business decisions. The church clerk is elected to fill this capacity in the local church.

Church Website Administrator

Website Administrator: Rev. Car Washington

Rev. Dr. Carl Washington

The St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church Website Administrator, also known as Webmaster, maintains, oversees and manages the church website. The Website Administrator interacts with website developers, network and server technicians, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ensure that the church keeps an updated website.

Church Historian

Picture to come

Sis. Patricia McNeal

The Church Historian keeps the historical records up to date; provides an annual report on the care of church records and historical materials to the church membership, records any historical materials including all documents, minutes, journals, diaries, reports, letters, pamphlets, papers, manuscripts, maps, photographs, books, audiovisuals, sound recordings, magnetic or other tapes, or any other documentary material, regardless of form or characteristics.

Auxiliary Leaders

Learn more about our auxiliary ministries on our ministries page.

President: Freddie Lathan
President: Mosie Blow
Senior Mission / WMU
President: Ann Woodmore
Women Fellowship
Coordinator: Ann Woodmore
Junior Women
President: Terell Smith
Senior Ushers
President: Freddie Lathan
Children, Youth & Young Adult Ushers
President: Ja'Juan Johnson
Sanctuary Choir
President: Cletta Banks
Echoes of St. Mark
President: Merle Bivens
The Voices of St. Mark
President: Jazzmin Leftridge
8:00 AM Praise Team Nurses Auxiliary
President: Dollie Rogers
Sunday School
Director: James Sheffield
Friday Night Youth Rally
President: Deshon Swan
Evangelism Coordinators:
Ann Woodmore, Debra Steward, Yvonne Lee
T.M. Durr Scholarship Committee
Director: Loretha Battle
Tutorial Program
Coordinator: Shareca Paulk
Pastor's Support Group
President: Jean Saffold-Lester

Church Transportation:
Driver: Melvin Mitchell

Culinary Committee
Coordinator: Patricia McNeal

Coordinator: Ora Collins

Wednesday Noon Day Prayer
Leaders: Dorothy Manns, Foster Mijares, James Sheffield
Food Ministry
Director: Roy Brown
Safety Ministry
Coordinators: Herman Matthews, Freddie Lathan
Clothes Give-Away Ministry
Chairperson: Jean Preston
Home Visitation
Coordinator: Robert Smith
Publicity Ministry
Coordinator: Gloria McBride
Church Decorators
Coordinator: Rachel Neal